Monday, July 22nd, 2019

I recently discovered the site called Analytic Cycling within it, there are various OCD inducing calculators to help you determine what your figures need to be to achieve certain goals. For example, I was able to find out what my power output needs to be to achieve a certain speed depending on various ‘realistic’ assumption […]

Ran by a fellow London Dynamo member, this site: Has some funny stories, reviews, and links… Check it out!

Ok, we all lust after a bike or another, but this website take this to a whole new level.. giving you access to print out cards so that you can leave compliments on someone else’s bike. Uhm yeah. Here is the link: via (Karl)

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new cycling sportswear brand in town. Tour de France rider George Hincapie’s own. I’d say it looks like it is between a Rapha and an Assos… That is to say, high end and high performance. The prices look more reasonable though. I will get some kit to […]

Generally, mom likes to give me shirts for Christmas.. but last Christmas she went out of character and got me some cycling kit. Amongst the kit she gave me was a compression shirt and beanie from a little known company called Zensah: from Miami, FL. I have no idea how she discovered it. Now, I’m […]

Sometimes you decide at the last minute to take one of those holidays that you wonder why you put off for so long… For me, it was cycling through the French Pyrenees as part of an organized group. I had heard of these brilliant trips people took to the Pyrenees and other Tour de France […]

This is a classic. Never celebrate until its over!

This video was put together to demonstrate how easy it is to miss something vital (a cyclist) on the road… put together by the Transport for London authority (TFL)

Some good stuff… Idiot guys standing in the middle of the road as a peloton goes by… Spectators doing stupid things Cyclists fighting Time Trial bike issues Dogs in the way

Training outside in the winter stinks. It’s cold, dark, windy, and cars don’t see you until they are too close for comfort. This leaves you with either the option of doing other sports, or training indoors in spinning class or on a turbo trainer. Turbos have come a long way from when they were just […]