Friday, May 20th, 2022

As per my previous post on bike fittings, I believe a bike fit if one of the most important steps in buying a new bike. It not only guarantees comfort on the bike during long rides, but also improves performance as the legs are placed in the most optimal angle to transfer power. There are […]

Rarely do I buy or own a product that is so massively disappointing that I have very little positive things to say about it. The Elite Hygene Corsa Water Bottle is one of those product. The biggest problem with the product is the two part construction of the lid. As far as I can tell, […]

The Jawbones are Oakley’s latest cycling friendly sunglasses. I’ve had mine for about 7 months and they replaced Oakley’s Half-Jacket (I think).. which I had for about a year. I was attracted not necessarily to the aesthetics of the Jawbones, but mostly the interchangeable lens system that it promotes. On that side of things, I […]

Interval training on a turbo isn’t easy. Sure, it’s not as long as going out on a ride, but the intensity of the workouts can be just as hard when packed into a non-stop session with no ‘coasting’ or stoplights. The hard part, though, unless you have a coach, is to come up with plans […]

I find that I have to wear something underneath my helmet when I ride for several reasons: 1) To reduce the amount of sweat that accumulates in the front of the helmet 2) To reduce the skin irritation of the bacteria-laden padding on the helmet (even if you wash regularly) 3) To extend the life […]

Although it is obvious as to why we can’t condone this… you have to admit there is something rather satisfying in seeing bike thieves getting a little street justice.

When considering buying a bike, the MOST important thing to keep in mind is bike fit. Anyone that tells you that anything else is important over bike fit, like the wheels or groupset, has never been on a bike for more than three hours. I would take a mediocre bike that fits me well over […]

Update: I already went on my trip, but wrote the following bit below before going on my trip, so read it assuming I hadn’t gone yet until where I say it ends… I’m going on my second Pyractif cycling trip soon, and I want to take my ‘good’ bike with me but not have to […]

Ok.. interesting concept.. not sure I’m crazy about the looks though: If you can’t see the video above, go to their site: Related articles by Zemanta YikeBike foldable electric bicycle hands-on ( Design That Changes How We Think About Walkability ( Folding electric bike – the “mini-farthing” ( Should Segways motor in on our […]

Image by a man a plan via Flickr Let me start by warning those of you that are lovers of Campagnolo kit that this post isn’t going to make you happy and that you’ll probably have an opposing view in your experience. Please go ahead and voice your thoughts on the comments section. However, I […]