Friday, May 20th, 2022

As per my previous post on bike fittings, I believe a bike fit if one of the most important steps in buying a new bike. It not only guarantees comfort on the bike during long rides, but also improves performance as the legs are placed in the most optimal angle to transfer power. There are […]

Last friday I was probably one of the first to enthusiastically order my Cyclehire annual key (£45) that allows me to have the first half hour of every ride I take for free for the whole year. I downloaded an iPhone app called London Hire which tells you where the stations are and how many […]

Getting the right air pressure in your tires can make the difference between smooth rolling or bouncing around all over the place. As a general note, I’ve generally read that the front tire should be 10% less inflated than the rear tire. As for the right pressure, I found this handy guide on the internetz: […]

Although it is obvious as to why we can’t condone this… you have to admit there is something rather satisfying in seeing bike thieves getting a little street justice.

When considering buying a bike, the MOST important thing to keep in mind is bike fit. Anyone that tells you that anything else is important over bike fit, like the wheels or groupset, has never been on a bike for more than three hours. I would take a mediocre bike that fits me well over […]

This is just awesome… this girl totally gets her bike to drift into place between her sibling’s bikes. Hilarious! And of course, the outtakes: via Geekologie

Ok, we all lust after a bike or another, but this website take this to a whole new level.. giving you access to print out cards so that you can leave compliments on someone else’s bike. Uhm yeah. Here is the link: via (Karl)

“Designed by Tim Tobola, the Urban Commuter Trike aims to solve the mains issues in transportation today, which include the over-dependence on polluting fossil-fuel-powered cars.” “The Urban Commuter Trike is a concept vehicle that features solar panels that can recharge the onboard batteries in just 2 hours, providing up to 20-30 miles of ride time. […]

If you’re into your bike chachkies (or however it is you spell that word), here is one for you.. a clock made from a crankset for your desk. Kinda cool in a sort of.. “hey everyone, Look, I’m a cyclist!” kind of way.

Funny discussion between a race organizer and a volunteer who has a bit of an ego… animated. (via Richard Mason)