Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Generally, mom likes to give me shirts for Christmas.. but last Christmas she went out of character and got me some cycling kit. Amongst the kit she gave me was a compression shirt and beanie from a little known company called Zensah: from Miami, FL. I have no idea how she discovered it. Now, I’m […]

Sometimes you decide at the last minute to take one of those holidays that you wonder why you put off for so long… For me, it was cycling through the French Pyrenees as part of an organized group. I had heard of these brilliant trips people took to the Pyrenees and other Tour de France […]

In my recent review of the Polar RS800CX PTE, I covered the capabilities of the PTE as a supplement to a coach-created cycle training program. What allows you to create the programs that a coach gives you (if you use heart rate zones) is the Polar ProTrainer 5 software that comes with the RS800CX PTE […]

Training outside in the winter stinks. It’s cold, dark, windy, and cars don’t see you until they are too close for comfort. This leaves you with either the option of doing other sports, or training indoors in spinning class or on a turbo trainer. Turbos have come a long way from when they were just […]

Buying Road Tyres is probably the second most subjective thing after buying saddles for a bike. There are all sorts of attributes and price ranges.. so for the purposes of this post I want to focus on Road bike tyres for race bikes. This means that the size of the tyres will be between 700×22 […]

Back in January, right after I had made my New Year’s resolutions, I reviewed the Polar RS400. It is therefore fitting that I finish the year by reviewing its older brother, the Polar RS800CX PTE. To clarify a common question from the start, the Pro Team Edition (PTE) of the RS800CX is identical to the […]

At the beginning of 2009 I was pretty much mush when it came to my physical condition. I had let myself go mostly out of laziness and ‘lack of time’, but really it was just that getting to the gym was kind of a pain, and winter had grabbed a hold of me. I had […]

Not too long ago, the Suunto T4c helped me, with its coach program, to go from injured to training again. I was very impressed on how it helped me navigate the process of determining just how long and how hard to work out. However, now that I’m fully trained back to my normal state, I […]

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