Friday, May 20th, 2022

Although it is obvious as to why we can’t condone this… you have to admit there is something rather satisfying in seeing bike thieves getting a little street justice.

This is just awesome… this girl totally gets her bike to drift into place between her sibling’s bikes. Hilarious! And of course, the outtakes: via Geekologie

Ok.. interesting concept.. not sure I’m crazy about the looks though: If you can’t see the video above, go to their site: Related articles by Zemanta YikeBike foldable electric bicycle hands-on ( Design That Changes How We Think About Walkability ( Folding electric bike – the “mini-farthing” ( Should Segways motor in on our […]

Ok.. this ain’t my scene since I’m into the lycra gang thing and none of this fixt or chopper stuff that goes slow.. but I follow it.. because they’re hip(sters) and I’m not. Or something like that. Check out this video trailer titled: SCUL: Operation SuperPosi – The Chronicles of a Bicycle Chopper Gang […]

YouTube Link:

This is a classic. Never celebrate until its over!

This video was put together to demonstrate how easy it is to miss something vital (a cyclist) on the road… put together by the Transport for London authority (TFL)

Some good stuff… Idiot guys standing in the middle of the road as a peloton goes by… Spectators doing stupid things Cyclists fighting Time Trial bike issues Dogs in the way

Funny discussion between a race organizer and a volunteer who has a bit of an ego… animated. (via Richard Mason)

Good concept… but, oh well.. try cycling down a real building and I’m assuming the damage would be far worse. via (Guy Powdrill)