Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Image via Wikipedia To all our readers, I hope 2010 brings many victories, personal achievements, and safe miles! Happy New Year!

Again, I can’t remember where I found this… so if you know, let me know. Hilarious though.. so true.

I don’t recall where I found this picture, so credits to whomever made it.. it is hilarious.. and we all know someone that fits this description.. usually in Shoreditch.

Now that it’s getting cold and wet (at least here in the UK)… we are forced to layer ourselves with the best stuff we can find. Until now, we’ve had to balance dryness on the outside with dryness on the inside… if you sweat too much because perspiration doesn’t go through, you inevitably cause claminess […]

Their description: OUR WEBSITE is dedicated to sport-recreational road cyclists who want to get fitter, improve their skills and have more fun in this great sport. (“RBR”) publishes a free weekly e-mail newsletter that’s also posted here on the home page. We invite you to subscribe to receive each new issue instantly in your […]

This site is full of stuff that will make your vintage fetish go berzerk!  

These videos below walk you through how to design a custom bike frame, and some of the challenges and tradeoffs that are sometimes necessary.

Doesn’t get any better than this… wish I could get a few people to try this one out on a few people I know. Funny Tour De France Prank – Watch more Funny Videos

Analytic Cycling provides technical methods for evaluating and estimating cycling performance and parameters. It makes extensive use of differential equations and advanced numerical methods.

This is an excellent article that walks you through some of the issues and tradeoffs to consider when buying new wheels: