Friday, May 20th, 2022

Interval training on a turbo isn’t easy. Sure, it’s not as long as going out on a ride, but the intensity of the workouts can be just as hard when packed into a non-stop session with no ‘coasting’ or stoplights. The hard part, though, unless you have a coach, is to come up with plans […]

I recently discovered the site called Analytic Cycling within it, there are various OCD inducing calculators to help you determine what your figures need to be to achieve certain goals. For example, I was able to find out what my power output needs to be to achieve a certain speed depending on various ‘realistic’ assumption […]

Ran by a fellow London Dynamo member, this site: Has some funny stories, reviews, and links… Check it out!

Ok, we all lust after a bike or another, but this website take this to a whole new level.. giving you access to print out cards so that you can leave compliments on someone else’s bike. Uhm yeah. Here is the link: via (Karl)

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new cycling sportswear brand in town. Tour de France rider George Hincapie’s own. I’d say it looks like it is between a Rapha and an Assos… That is to say, high end and high performance. The prices look more reasonable though. I will get some kit to […]

“Designed by Tim Tobola, the Urban Commuter Trike aims to solve the mains issues in transportation today, which include the over-dependence on polluting fossil-fuel-powered cars.” “The Urban Commuter Trike is a concept vehicle that features solar panels that can recharge the onboard batteries in just 2 hours, providing up to 20-30 miles of ride time. […]

If you’re into your bike chachkies (or however it is you spell that word), here is one for you.. a clock made from a crankset for your desk. Kinda cool in a sort of.. “hey everyone, Look, I’m a cyclist!” kind of way.

Although I don’t think I’d like any of these for ‘real’ riding.. they are still rather curious to look at.

Their description: OUR WEBSITE is dedicated to sport-recreational road cyclists who want to get fitter, improve their skills and have more fun in this great sport. (“RBR”) publishes a free weekly e-mail newsletter that’s also posted here on the home page. We invite you to subscribe to receive each new issue instantly in your […]

This site is full of stuff that will make your vintage fetish go berzerk!