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Nike SportBand Review


By Guest Author: Sharon O’Keeffe

In May, I was given the Nike + wristband to test. I generally run on a treadmill but have entered a 10k outdoor run in July so this would be a useful training device. The Nike + pack comprised of a shoe sensor and a wristband. Whilst manufactured by Nike, the shoe sensor can also fit Adidas trainers, so not restricted to a shoe brand when buying the product. The wrist band is both a monitoring device and a watch. It comes in a choice of 3 colours; I have the charcoal with yellow backing. I have not worn it as a time piece, only as a monitoring device when running. But I’m sure the style would suit some people.

On set up you have to download the Nike software onto a pc, easy enough. Enter a few personal details onto the devise, again easy enough. The biggest set up step for me, was calibrating the device. I measured a kilometre distance outside using a car. I then ran this distance and used this distance and time as my calibration input.

With set up now complete, I did three separate runs using the device to monitor distance, pace etc. On completion of the runs, I downloaded the data onto the pc. The feedback was good in that you can see graphically your run and compare runs. The route I was running was new to me so I did not know the exact distance. I was however disappointed with the time for the distance covered as measured by the wristband. As mentioned, I am used to running on a treadmill, but even taking into account running outdoors, my times were significantly slower. So much so, that after five runs I checked out the distance in the car. I also used the website to measure the route. Whilst both the car and the measured a route of approximately 9.4kms, the wristband was measuring between 8.25kms – 8.44kms. This was hugely disappointing. The calibrating run I did initially was accurate and whilst my time over this distance has improved, I would expect the device to accurately reflect this.

I have since gone out for 2 more runs with the watch but whilst I have been able to download the runs onto the website I cannot access the data. I have tried on three separate occasions with no luck. I am not sure if it is my device or the website.

Two weeks later, I am now able to access the data. I am not sure where the problem was.

Would I recommend the device? It is certainly a fun devise. I liked being able to see my runs graphically and monitor progress. However, the calibration problem defeated the purpose of the device, I am hoping the problem was my human error and not a device issue. Given more time, I would recalibrate the device. If on that occasion it monitored runs accurately and reflected any changes in pace then yes, I would recommend as a purchase.

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