Monday, June 27th, 2022

Elite Hygene Corsa Water Bottle Review


Rarely do I buy or own a product that is so massively disappointing that I have very little positive things to say about it.

The Elite Hygene Corsa Water Bottle is one of those product.

The biggest problem with the product is the two part construction of the lid. As far as I can tell, it isn’t designed to come apart easily, so the fact that it comes apart easily without a clear way of keeping it together other than super glue makes it the biggest fail of the cycling kit I’ve purchased in the last 3 years. I bought two bottles and BOTH have had issues. One bottle, maybe it was bad… two? Design flaw.

Here are the list of issues in no particular order:

1) The top screw in lid actually separates, but it isn’t supposed to. This accidentally separated for me one time at home when I was shaking the bottle to mix my powder drink. The top part flew off (spraying electrolyte juice on my computer) but the screw in part (the red bit) stayed on the bottle. You then snap that part back on, but it doesn’t feel secure.

2) The first bottle died when I had a zero tablet in the bottle and as the tablet dissolved and created pressure within, it popped off the top in the similar fashion as described in # 1 above. Too much traffic in the road to go back for it. None of my ‘cheaper’ bottles every had this issue. Sure, they got pressurized which usually led to a small burst of water when I opened it up, but none of them hardly ‘popped’.

3) The second bottle just got thrown away as I took it out of the dishwasher and noticed that the gap between the red and black of the top part accumulates water and thus it smelled quite rancid. Yes.. as in water was sloshing around between the gap of the two halves, which aren’t supposed to separate (at least in no way that I can see or replicate easily).

All in all quite a bad product and would not recommend it to anyone. Two failed bottles is not a bad-luck scenario, and even if it was designed on purpose to have a pop off top and a screw in base, the pop-off bit is way too easy to pop off accidentally.


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