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Tire Inflation Guidelines


Getting the right air pressure in your tires can make the difference between smooth rolling or bouncing around all over the place. As a general note, I’ve generally read that the front tire should be 10% less inflated than the rear tire.

As for the right pressure, I found this handy guide on the internetz:

Originally posted by Speedlever on 07-20-08, 01:09 PM

My tires (700x25c) typically lose 5 to 10 psi per day. I check them before each ride.

I used to inflate my tires to the max suggested pressure. I now use this chart ( to inflate my tires and the pressure is down considerably from the max.

In case the link doesn’t work, the original msg by Psimet2001 follows:

Tip 1 – Inflate your tires before every single ride. Know what the proper inflation pressure should be for your tires. Inflation requirements will vary by rider, bike, tires, conditions, etc.

Below you will find equations that you can use to help determine an appropriate starting point using your weight and the tire’s size. Adjust from these baselines to suit needs and conditions.

Proper inflation is the easiet way to avoid flats.

Tire Width=20: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 63.33
Tire Width=23: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 53.33
Tire Width=25: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 43.33
Tire Width=28: Pressure(psi) = (0.33 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 33.33

Tire Width=32: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 41.67
Tire Width=37: Pressure(psi) = (0.17 * Rider Weight in lbs) + 26.67

Example: You are 150lbs running 28’s

Pressure (psi) = (0.33*150) +33.33 = 82.83psi (rear)
Front Pressure = .9*Rear Pressure = .9*82.83psi = 74.55psi front

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