Monday, June 27th, 2022

Polar introduces the CS500 Heart Rate Monitor and cyclo-computer


Press Release from Polar Regarding the CS500 –

Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, is breaking new ground with the introduction of a revolutionary cycling computer. The new Polar CS500 is designed for serious riders who are passionate about the sport and who are determined to improve.

This truly innovative cycling computer contains a wide range of features that help demanding cyclists stay in full control of their performance. With a unique rocker switch operation, an oversized display and a new bike mount, the CS500 allows effortless operation. The stunning appearance and aerodynamic diamond shape of the CS500 also help to ensure it stands out on the road.

The oversized display guarantees clear visibility of training information in all conditions, therefore improving the rider’s safety. It allows more data on the screen and includes a flat lens that minimizes disturbing reflections in direct sunlight.

Even at high speeds, the CS500 is simple to control via the two-way rocker switch. The rider can operate their cycling computer by gently touching the left or right side of the handlebar unit and it is far easier and safer to navigate through training data. Alongside this, the advanced double pivot gives an extremely light button push.

With the CS500, cyclists get more out of their training and can improve their performance by combining body information with versatile cycling data. After the ride, they can get even more cycling-specific information via the online training diary at This advanced web service has been developed to answer the demands of keen cyclists, allowing them to transfer their training files via fast wireless data communication using the new DataLink (optional). The new training load feature at tells you how hard your training session was and how much time is needed for a complete recovery. This feature takes out the guesswork whether you have recovered enough for your next session, helping you find the perfect balance between rest and training.

The CS500, made of extra reinforced composite, attaches to the new Dual Lock Bike Mount, the most durable and advanced on the market. Easy to install, it can be mounted on the stem or handlebar. The bike mount’s engineered metal parts guarantee sturdy attachment for the cycling computer, making it ideal for both road and mountain biking.

For the dedicated cyclist, the Bike 1/2/3 feature allows you to customize wheel size settings for three different bikes, meaning the same computer can be used without changing settings. What else? Well, the Polar CS500 displays and records the temperature and will even give you a timely reminder to drink. To help monitor progress throughout a training schedule, it also automatically stores training data from your last 14 sessions and keeps a track of the number of sessions, total hours on the saddle, overall distance and the number of calories burned.

The perfect solution for cyclists, the CS500 includes the reliable 2.4 GHz W.I.N.D. technology that guarantees disturbance-free data communication and gives a longer range, which offers multiple assembly possibilities. In addition, the individually coded heart rate transmission prevents cross-talk between cycling computers, so riders can be sure CS500 picks up their heart rate and not someone else’s.

“Ambitious cyclists have high standards for their cycling gear. We have answered their demanding needs with the new CS500,” says Liz Shenton, Performance & Education Manager for Polar Electro. “The revolutionary features give the rider the information, reliability and insight for a safe, informative and effective ride whether it’s in training or event conditions.”

On sale through authorized Polar retailers, the CS500 will be available with CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock Bike Mount or in a more extensive set with CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D. as well. Both sets include the comfortable WearLink+ transmitter W.I.N.D., and a user manual. Polar DataLink, CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D. and Power Output Sensor can be purchased separately as accessories.

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