Monday, June 27th, 2022

Walz Cycling Caps


I find that I have to wear something underneath my helmet when I ride for several reasons:

1) To reduce the amount of sweat that accumulates in the front of the helmet

2) To reduce the skin irritation of the bacteria-laden padding on the helmet (even if you wash regularly)

3) To extend the life of my helmet

To that extent, I’ve been using Zensah’s beanie, which I’ve found to be excellent during the winter, spring, and fall.. but for the summer, with the sun and all, at times it can run a bit hot.

All-cotton caps can be ok, but they can also run a bit hot and don’t do so well with the sweat once they’re water-logged.

I recently found this company called Walz that just makes cycling caps. They will make you custom caps that have your logo too, which I did.. with written on it naturally, but the nice thing is that you can have them made of a moisture wicking material which is perfect for the summer. I got mine in the mail today.. they do ship to the UK. It looks well made and the textile ‘pores’ are definitively large enough to look the summer part.

Check them out.

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