Monday, June 27th, 2022

Seal Skinz Socks Review


sealskinz The British winter isn’t easy to bike through. It’s rather wet and cold. Sure, we don’t have it as bad as the Canadians, but it’s because of the constant wetness we have on the roads here that it can sometimes feel worse.

For this reason, we cyclists use all sorts of waterproof gear. Overshoes are a must just to keep your toes from falling off, but on a rainy day or even puddle-filled day, that can sometimes not be enough. The constant splashing, even with mudguards, can leave you with soaked and cold feet.

Cue in the need for a waterproof sock as the last layer of defense against cold and wet feet.. at least in theory.

Seal Skinz has made quite a name for itself lately as a purveyor of waterproof kit. At the Annual Cycle Forum in Earl’s Court, they have a cute booth attendant stand inside a water tank up to their ankles in water and seemingly stay dry.. quite the sales technique.

So, being that there isn’t competition out there anyway (I haven’t seen a single alternative in a store) I figured I’d give them a try.

I used a pair this past Saturday which was absolutely the wettest winter day to go cycling. Melting snow was everywhere in Richmond park, puddles of freezing water everywhere, and rain coming down hard to boot. What better test conditions than those? I also used a fresh pair on Sunday, which was quite the opposite.. a sunny day.

On Saturday, my feet did end up wet and on Sunday not really that much. Why the uncertainty? Well, this isn’t the first Seal Skinz product I’ve used (will review the other one shortly), and I’ve started to notice the same issue. The material they use to keep the product waterproof (I’ll call it ‘The Shower Curtain’) doesn’t seem to be very breathable, at least not for me. I think for sure on Saturday the socks kept my feet ‘drier’ than they would have been otherwise… the outside of the sock was soaked solid, whereas the inside was just wet, but more of moist wetness.. which still is not pleasant, but far outweighs a full soaking.

In summary, I think that because of the lack of great breathability, the socks create a little bit of clamminess which can come back and haunt you if the day is cold enough… I think I will still use them, particularly on very wet days as they are still better than nothing at all, but a more breathable option would be very nice indeed.


2 Responses to “Seal Skinz Socks Review”
  1. AB says:

    Aside from appearance it doesn’t sound much different than the low-tech standby – bread bags over your socks. Yes, used mostly by thrifty mothers, it’s an admittedly un-cool solution.

    How do they functionally compare to waterproof cycling shoes?

  2. Ben Godfrey says:

    I love my Seal Skinz waterproof socks. They’re not perfectly waterproof, although they are very good (an hour of spray in heavy rain is no problem). More importantly, IMHO, they are always warm. I’ve been out on rides when my feet are the only part of me that didn’t get cold.

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