Friday, May 20th, 2022

Zensah Performance Athletic Wear Review



Generally, mom likes to give me shirts for Christmas.. but last Christmas she went out of character and got me some cycling kit. Amongst the kit she gave me was a compression shirt and beanie from a little known company called Zensah: from Miami, FL. I have no idea how she discovered it.

Now, I’m not new to the whole athletic clothing bid’ness… I’ve used Izumi stuff, Sugoi, Nike, Hind, Mavic, Nalini, Adidas, and a slew of other brands for all sorts of different purposes. Generally, they all keep you relatively claminess-free and where necessary, warm as well. However, for me at least, synthetics tend to smell quite funky quite fast and can sometimes chafe. I’ve always wanted to find the ‘perfect’ exercise shirt, but have always been only somewhat satisfied, until I tried the Zensah stuff.

From Zensah’s website, their products provide:

• Seamless construction – Eliminates Chafing

• Zensah® Silver Ions- Reduces bacteria growth & Takes Away the Stink

• Soft Hand – Most comfortable workout you will ever have

• Pinpoint compression- Provides compression where you need it

• Moisture Wicking- Faster than the other guys

And yes.. their products do what they say they do. I mean it. Not only have I had a reduction in issues like chaffing, but odors as well. The stuff wears well (it’s almost a year old now) and keeps me comfortable both in warm weather and cold weather (layered of course).

They have a range of compression and loose fitting shirts, shorts, and other accessories. I have the short sleeves and the long sleeves and the beanie for under my helmet (works wonders). I highly recommend them.


If you live in the USA you can order directly from Zensah’s website, but if you live in the UK, the distributor is:

Most of my mom’s Christmas gifts include a funny shirt that is woefully out of season… that’s what mother’s do.. except I’m pretty sure mine does it on purpose to tease me.
Anyhoo.. last Christmas she went out of character and got me some cycling kit.

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