Friday, May 20th, 2022

Polar ProTrainer 5 Software Review (Polar RS800CX PTE Review Part II)


tn_MainDesktopIn my recent review of the Polar RS800CX PTE, I covered the capabilities of the PTE as a supplement to a coach-created cycle training program. What allows you to create the programs that a coach gives you (if you use heart rate zones) is the Polar ProTrainer 5 software that comes with the RS800CX PTE (the software comes with the RS400 and above as well, but you may need to buy the infra-red USB stick to interface with the monitor+computer).

The Polar ProTrainer 5 software (PPT5) CD comes with the RS800cx packaging, but you can download it from Polar’s website if you need to. The software keeps itself updated, which is nice, and it also hasn’t crashed on me since I’ve been using it; it’s great to see that the software is not an afterthought for Polar.

So what would you use the PPT5 software for, and is this all to much for the casual user?

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