Monday, June 27th, 2022

eVent: Wonder-Material for Wind/Rain Jackets?



Now that it’s getting cold and wet (at least here in the UK)… we are forced to layer ourselves with the best stuff we can find. Until now, we’ve had to balance dryness on the outside with dryness on the inside… if you sweat too much because perspiration doesn’t go through, you inevitably cause claminess within your jacket, which once you cool down a bit, makes your jacket even colder. It is clear then, that the more vapor a fabric can push through without compromising the water proofing exterior, the better. eVent Fabrics seems to have done just that. (I will try and get one soon to review, but have not experienced one yet).

The video below illustrates this claim:

For more information go to the eVent fabrics website:

Or, read Bike Hugger’s review of George Hincapie’s Jacket here:

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