Friday, May 20th, 2022

Polar RS800CX PTE Review (Part 1)


Polar RS800CX PTE (image from

Polar RS800CX PTE (image from

Back in January, right after I had made my New Year’s resolutions, I reviewed the Polar RS400. It is therefore fitting that I finish the year by reviewing its older brother, the Polar RS800CX PTE.

To clarify a common question from the start, the Pro Team Edition (PTE) of the RS800CX is identical to the regular Polar RS800CX from a functionality point of view. The only differences are that the PTE comes packaged with a cadence meter, a speedometer, and the IR USB stick, and the ‘finish’. The PTE has a distinctive chrome ‘finish’ (which here at chromewalker we dig since.. well, we like chrome, it makes us look more like cylons than we already do, and lastly because it has received more compliments than any other ‘watch’ in our review set.

But looks aside, how good is the PTE in the field and is it worth the extra cash over the RS400 if you are just starting out?

To continue reading the review, please go to our sister site where the original review was posted.

Update (2 months later):

Below is an image of the strap as the chrome finish is starting to wear off.
So far no chipping or wearing on the many body of the watch though.


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